Clutter Clear One Small Area

Clutter clearing has been described as modern day alchemy!  Yet it is something that I have always struggled with.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to hold onto stuff!  I’ve held onto every little thing that I’ve owned, brought, been given or just received in one way or another.  I think one of the things that I held on to for so long was a certificate I got for gymnastics when I was in junior school, aged around 10/11 years old.  The funny thing to it was that it didn’t even have my name on it – it was just a certificate!

When I first started the Soul Coaching® program, I would move my stuff around, and throw away the bits of rubbish that I had accumulated.  It took me a while to understand that whilst I was getting rid of stuff, I was not loosing any part of myself as I did it.  I would identify myself by the stuff that I have accumulated, and what worth I had.  For example, I would keep all the DVDs that I had brought, even if I hadn’t watched them in years!  I am a big wrestling fan, and but I would only watch certain matches from a three hour event, and so I was not only wasting money – but the DVDs were taking space up in my room!

That’s the other thing with clutter.  When you have a room full of ‘stuff’, then how can new stuff get in?  When we have space in our lives, the universe conspires to fill in some way or another!  I have noticed this in various ways in my life, but as I begun to clear out DVDs, selling them or taking them to the charity shops, I noticed that more fun came into my life, I would be going out more or going to spiritual church services.

This time, I decided to clear out some old clothes, that I had not worn or would be able to wear for a long time.  They had been sitting in my loft and wardrobe for at least two years, maybe longer!  There was an interesting shift when I did this.  There was sadness as I looked at a couple of shirts that I loved to wear, but could no longer fit into them.  There was sadness when I looked at a pair of jeans that I had not even worn, that I wouldn’t be able to wear.  There was amazement at some of the shirts, trousers and other items of clothing that I had worn!   They really weren’t my style any more! LOL!  However, once I took the two black sacks to the charity shop, I actually felt relief.  There was a weight that was lifted off of my shoulders as I no longer put pressure on myself to loose the weight I had gained, or to use them just because they were there.  There was a little more space in my life!