Surrounded by a Circle of Love

I always feel a little sadness and relief on the last day of Soul Coaching®, but mostly, there is a feeling of excitement as I step forward into a new way of thinking and being.  The sadness is because it is the last day, and especially when I am running Soul Coaching groups, I find myself missing the people that I have been with, as both part of their journey, and my own as well.  The relief is also that I have done it!  I don’t give myself much credit sometimes, and so the fact that I have made it through the program has always amazed me!  The excitement stepping forward though is the best, it’s a feeling I can hold onto, especially as I move forward into an even better way of life!

Being surrounded by a circle of love is a wonderful meditation, but I also find it very reflective as I journey through life.  The song by the Black Eyed Peas always gets me thinking, “Where is the love?”.  I know that we talk about it often, and many songs are about love, either falling in, being in or breaking out of a love that is created by two people.  But what does it mean to be surrounded by a circle of love?  It took me a couple of days to really understand this, and then to feel it.  I know I am blessed in that I have a connection with the Spirit world, and that I recognise my loved ones from Spirit being around me, so I know what that love feels like.  Think of your friends, family and loved ones in Spirit, and recognise that they hold an immense love for you, and think about what it would feel like to surrounded by that.

Love can often be conditional when we are here on Earth.  We get messages from others that say “If you be good, then I will love you” or “If you do this for me, then I will love you”.  I remember some of those growing up, and whilst I know that my family loved me anyway, I did hear these statements and thought that I best be good in order to get love, as that is the only thing in the world that matters.  I still question if this is true or not now, but I shift that thinking.  I change it from being an external thing that I have to have, to something that is within me.  For when I begin to connect and feel that love for myself, without conditions, without limits, I know that I have all that I need.

Being surrounded by a circle of love, I am left thinking that I have all that I need now within me, to journey forward in any way that I want, knowing that all I need to do is to take one step forward, and then another, and know that within me is unconditional love, and that is all that I need.


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