Creating Your Future

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a very imaginative person, and I also love to day dream and think of wonderful scenarios and so much more.  Even as a medium, I am asked for future predictions, and this is something I do not do.  I will often get a feeling that things will be looking up or getting better around a certain time period, but I do not like to predict as I believe we create our own future.  In my first visit to a psychic, she told me that I would be meeting a wonderful girl on the 26th December and that I will be going up the stairs and she is coming down, and we would just click.  It didn’t happen.  Especially more so now because I have a boyfriend!  I am not taking anything away from what she told me, but I do know that I can create my own future, and start to plant the seeds now in where I am going.

One vision that I have had for a long time, which comes up whenever I do this exercise is of me, living in a country home that is also a school for spiritual development.

There are classrooms on the top floor, and some class rooms have bean bag chairs, and others have comfy chairs that people can sit on to discuss, learn and develop in any way that they like.  There are old fashioned black boards, but also state of the art computer projectors that are used to help people grow and develop.

Downstairs, I have an office, where I meet with other teachers, with people to either coach them, give readings or just be of service in some way.  There is a large lecture room too, where demonstrations and bigger talks are held, and a dining room where wonderful food is served up, catering for everyone in one way or another.  I look out to the back of the house, and there are my grandparents tending to the vegetable plots, bringing in fresh home grown vegetables and there is a wonderful sitting and relaxation room where people can just be, pick up a book or chat with like minded people.  There are wonderful gardens here too, and people can walk around them or into a wooded area where there is a wonderful medicine wheel created.

I also have my own house, a cottage hidden away from the main house where my family and I live.  We are able to be as loud as we want, and not be disturbed or disturb others… yet it feels tranquil to be able to sit around a large round table and talk about all that has happened in the day, and what our intentions are for our night time dreams, and our day tomorrow.  There is a sense of peace in the air, but also love.  A place where mind, body and spirit is refreshed and rejuvenated, and that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  All that needs to be done, is to plant those seeds!


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