Bring Nature into Your Home

I have to admit that my home is not very green.  Well, the walls in my bedroom are painted green, but I don’t have any living plants or connection to nature in my room or my home.  I tell a lie, as I have a spider plant on one of my shelves, and also some lucky bamboo sitting in my wealth area to help me feel abundant, but that’s it!  Otherwise, it is very much a material room, with objects that are constructed rather than natural.

Whilst I do not think of myself to be one with nature, something that I am looking to change, I do marvel at nature, and the trees and all that is around me.  I love all of the seasons, but my favourite are Spring and Autumn, both when changes are happening around that they are visible, and that day by day you can see the wonders that are around.  I love how in the Spring, you can see the leaves shooting through on the trees, and how new life is emerging.  I love watching all the animals, particularly the squirrels as they dart around for food, and through the plants and flowers that springing up.  I love the autumn as the greens that have surrounded me through Spring and Summer begin to turn golden colours, and how leaves begin to float down gently from the trees, and then I do like the frost that can sometimes come and really enhance the patterns on the leaves.

I decided to have a look around my garden, to see what from nature I could bring in, and found that even my garden was looking bare and quite bleak!  The temperature outside is apparently -2° at the moment, so going outside in my slippers was not my favourite thing to do, but I braved it, just to see if there was anything there that I could bring in with me.

In the farthest part of the garden is a tall old tree, that I am sorry to say I do not even know the name of, but it does produce wonderful fern like leaves on it’s branches.  Underneath that, coming from the other side of the fence where our neighbour lives, there are some green leaves shooting through.  They are a deep green in colour, and for me as well as green being very nurturing in it’s colour, it also feels healing and a sign of new life.  I would not normally just pick leaves up, but I asked for permission and felt a sense that it was right to do, and I took five leaves.  I grouped them together, and with a red ribbon, tied them together and out them on my desk, as a way to remind me that nature is always with me, and within me.  I also look at the deep green of the leaves, and know that I as come to an end on this part of my Soul Coaching® journey, new beginnings are with me!


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