What Does Your Body Say About You?

When ever we see someone walking down the street in front of us, we make a decision about them.  We don’t consciously do it, but it happens.  We would notice how they were standing, what they were doing and how they hold themselves.  I’ve done it so many times, and recognise it when people do it with me.  If you were to go running through the streets with your arms waving high above you, then people will step out of your way!  If you walk with your head down and not looking anyone in the eye, they may also give you a wide berth or they will knock into you.  The way that we hold our bodies will give a real indication of who we are.

I have walked around today, and just noticed how I have felt, and watched how that has changed into how I am holding my body.  I am feeling a little ‘un-bothered’ today.  It was a late night working, and then I got up late, and by the time I really got into doing anything, I couldn’t be bothered!  So I just noticed how I held my body.  I was slouching in the shoulders, my mouth was a little down, and I was waving my arms around, more so than I would do normally!  I thought that if anyone could see me now, then I would just appear so disinterested in them and what they were doing, but that really may not have been the case!

I watched others too, and noticed how the things that was happening in their life really reflected the way that they held their body.  From my neighbour to my partner, as I watched different people it was as though I could tell what was happening in their life at that exact moment – and I didn’t have to tune in as a psychic to do that!

I know that first impressions count, and I know that when I meet new people – I do make sure that I do all that I can to appear happy and interested and more, however, I have never really thought about all the other times that I appear to people, and the way that I hold my body.  Whilst I am somewhat aware of what I think, I do know that sometimes my body appears differently too.  So I am going to be aware of my feelings, and notice how the different ways my body reacts to that.  Knowing that this is the image I am presenting to the world around me.  I am probably not going to start running down the street with my arms waving in the air, but I am going to change the way that I hold my body, and see what difference it will make.  I certainly don’t want to appear to be someone who “isn’t bothered” or “lost in thought” when I meet both old and new friends!