Assessing Your Body

The Soul Coaching® program does have it’s good and it’s bad days!  One of these is not my favourite day, as I really do not like my body, and focusing on it doesn’t feel me with joy!  I have decided to push through it though, and as I look at my body, I start to recognise things that I would like to change, and things that are actually good!

Starting with my feet, they are good at the moment!  I do recognise though that I have a couple of pairs of shoes that do make my feet tired and sore, so I am going to invest in some new ones!  I tend to forget that without my feet, I can’t get around that much, so it’s best for me to make sure they are looked after!  A nice foot bath would be a good idea too!

My left knee has been giving me trouble lately, and I have to admit, I am not a fan of the doctors!  I don’t know why, but I don’t like blood, and I don’t like needles!  So when I had to have a blood test recently, I was quite prepared for it, but I always turn my head until it’s done!  I have the added trouble that my veins are thin (apparently) so I become a human pin cushion for the nurse!  Whilst my head was turned away the nurse said to me “look no blood” and as I looked, there was a huge contraption hanging out of my arm.  I don’t remember what happened next, but suddenly there was a doctor and two nurses standing over me, asking me if I knew where I was…. so as you can see – I am not a fan of going to the doctors!

The rest of my body is well, however I do have some extra weight hanging around, so this is something that I would like to change.  I recognise that I have been overweight for some time, and despite joining a gym, I have yet to go!  I know once I do, I will be there all the time – but maybe that is what I am really scared of!  However, my eating patterns are not good either, and I know that is another thing to look at.

My body is not the only thing that I have to look at here, I also need to look at the way that I treat my body.  I recognise that I don’t get as much sleep as I would like, and that I am often tired.  As I mentioned before, my eating patterns aren’t very good, and this may have something to do with it.

Recognising how my body is feeling is quite an empowering thing to do.  I don’t think of my body too much, unless I have a problem, and whilst there are a couple of niggling things, all in all, I cherish my body for letting me journey around the way that I do!


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