Colour Your Feelings

We have associated colours and feelings for a long time, feeling blue, green with envy, tickled pink, and more! I don’t know if I agree with most of them, especially blue as this is my favourite colour! I am often told I look good in blue… so does that mean I look good sad? I really don’t think so, but connecting to colour and seeing what associations with it can be a very powerful experience, and allow us to step into our own feelings in such a different way, that we are actively able to change them.

As I close my eyes and focus on what I am feeling at the moment, I recognise that I am feeling mostly tired, but also I am happy too – so it’s a combination of two feelings. When I tune into a colour for these feelings, I am overpowered by a grey, mist like colour that I associate with being tired, but there are some tinges of green and blue in there too, which I believe is the happiness that I am feeling. I have just finished an evening of clairvoyance, and met with school friends who I haven’t seen for over 20 years!

When I then focus on the feelings that I would like to have, I know that I would like joy, happiness and fun, and when I close my eyes to focus on the colours that come to mind, I see a variety of colours including pink, yellow, green, white, blue and they seem to explode like fireworks. As I focus on the colours, I let the feeling that it generates surround me, and really become part of my being! I want to experience that every day, and allow myself the time to just sit in those colours and feelings.

Continuing with the colours and feelings, I ask my Soul what it would like me to know. What do I need to know in this moment in time, and I allow the colours to come to me, rather than me looking for them. As I do, the green shows up first, and then red, and blue. There is a sense of black there too – and as I tune into the feelings that are coming with that, the message is slightly different with the new colours that have been introduced.

My soul would like me to know that I need to make sure I get some fresh air, and walk in nature where I can (green). I need some strength to help me through the next few days, but that that also feels like energy too (red) and I am just about to start a new weekend workshop, so that makes sense! I have to make sure that I keep it fun too (blue) but I also absorb all the knowledge that I can, to make the most of what I am doing (black).

For each person the message will be different, but by colouring your feelings, you will open up a whole new world!


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