Open Your Wings

I have a very active imagination. As a child, I loved (and still do!) all the cartoons, comics and films that showed things like magic and all that was impossible. I would often imagine myself with all the magic and ability to do things. I think that Spiritualism appealed to me, because it has that touch of magic to it as well, yet it is also very real and tangible too.

Within each of us, there is a pure spiritual energy, and also an angelic presence that just beams love. Sometimes though, we forget this, and it’s hard to be that way. Our life experiences can teach us that love is not always easily available, and that it can be conditional. We learn to then hideaway our love, so that only those closest to see the love that we have to give, or even make it conditional as well, keeping it protected.

Accessing that love can sometimes be difficult, and I haven’t been able to do it easily myself. However, when I begin to go within, find and connect with that love, I have noticed that it is there and it is ready to be spread out. Whatever we focus on, we experience more of it. So when I focus on that love, I am reminded that there is more for me, and then more that I can give out to others as well. I have now connected to that part with me on a more regular basis, and as I do – I have noticed that it is easier to step away from a place of fear and anxiousness, and into a place where I can just be.

As I am in this place of just being, I am able to then give this love out freely to others. I am able to see both sides of any story, argument or crossed words, and not be led into that place of fear. As I connect with that love within, and through this Soul Coaching® exercise, I am able sense and feel that angelic energy that resides within each of us, and I am able to see and feel my own wings of light spreading out. The first time that I did this exercise, I was alone, and as I just stood there, I was able to feel and see this wonderful energy spread out from my back, and then it felt as though they were a couple of feet wide! I then walked around, and with those that I came into contact with, I spread my wings around them. It certainly made hostile situations at work a little bit differently, and people that were angry were able to relax, and not even know why. I also did the same with my family, who I love – but sometimes they can be the hardest ones to love too! However, everything was much easier when I spread my wings of light around them, and I recommend trying that yourself too!


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