Commit to Take One Empowering Action Daily

I have found that I can commit very easily, when it involves someone else.  When it comes to me, and making a commitment to myself, then that’s not so easy.  I am more than happy to help a friend out or do something for them that I don’t benefit from – but when I know that I will gain something from it, then I tend to procrastinate, hold off and then do it all at the last minute.  I am probably a last minute kind of guy (and I do love the website!) but I find that I often try to sabotage myself when it’s purely for me.

Here is a good example.  I was recently advised that in order to improve my mediumship, I was to meditate every day for at least 20 minutes, but up to an hour.  I knew that 20 minutes for me was pushing it, but I gave it a go!  I raced into it, and did well for the first week or so.  From the evenings of clairvoyance that I was then doing, I noticed how much easier it was to pass messages of love on from those in Spirit.

Then rather than doing it when I woke up in the morning, I would do it later.  Sometimes, later never came.  Just before Christmas, I thought that my last service was on a Tuesday night.  So I kept my to 20 minute meditation practice every other day, or actually, just on the actual Tuesday!  The evening went well, but I wasn’t that happy with it, and knew that Spirit would say it was because I didn’t meditate – and I knew that too.  So my aim for the new year was to do it every morning from the 2nd January.  What I didn’t know was that on the Thursday, the medium booked at my local centre would cancel, and that I was the first one on the list to call!  I run the development group there every other Monday, so I’m more than happy to help out – but it wasn’t what I was prepared for – I hadn’t meditated!  The call came at 4pm, and the service was at 8pm, which gave me time, but as I still had other things to do – it wasn’t going to be easy.  The evening went well, but I had noticed the difference that I wasn’t as connected as I normally would be.  Again, it was because of the meditation, and not being prepared!  If only I had listened to the advice, that I was to meditate for 20 minutes at least, every day!

I will say, that since the 2nd January, I have been keeping to my meditations, and whilst I am only a week into it – it’s given me a boost! However, the new commitment that I am going to add is not the meditation, but to do a bit of yoga each morning.  I will be going through a ten minute sequence that I have recorded, to help me limber up a bit, and just connect back to my body.  It’s going to be fun and hard, but I am sure that I can do it 🙂