Make a Ceremonial Fire

I do love the element of fire, as I see it as both a destructive, and yet nuturing force at the same time.  Fire has the power to destroy, and yet renew.  When I think of fire, and it’s power, I am reminded of an image where a forest or woodland area has been destroyed by fire.  Yet within the burnt out area, there is a single shoot of green rising up through it.  A symbol that once everything has been destroyed, that life can still continue on.

Making a ceremonial fire is both liberating and powerful for me.  I decided that I wanted to get rid of some old habits, and wrote them all down on a piece of paper.  All the little niggling things that I had about myself, which I wanted to change and release.  As I wrote the words down, I could see that whilst I think well of myself, there were the same old patters emerging.  I decided to write down the words or parts of my character than no longer served me, such as lazy, quiet and shy and as I wrote them down, I could feel lumps in my throat as I had identified with that person for so long.

With a page completed, although I admit I skipped every other line, I begun the process of ripping the page up.  Tearing inbetween the words and declaring to myself, and my creator that I was no longer fat, unable to be myself and no longer a procrastinator!  As I did this, I begun to feel the shift.  The words that were stuck as a lump in my throat begin to fade away, and I could feel myself becoming lighter.  I was ready!

I have a silver metal bowl that I use for ceremonies, and I took this, along with a few pieces of sage that had been gifted to me from Denise Linn when I trained as a Soul Coach.  I begun to light the pieces of paper, and the sage.  It turned out to be too windy outside, so standing just inside the kitchen I begun the process.  I set alight to the pieces of paper with the words on them that I felt were holding me back.  They were stubborn words, and not only because they had been a part of me for so long, but because they just wouldn’t light! Eventually, with some persistence they did, and with the smell of burning paper and sage, I begun to feel as though I was really releasing all that I no longer needed!  I was beginning to feel free, alive and a little smoky too!

As the embers begun to die down, I noticed one small piece of paper that was still there with just the letter R on it.  I lit that too, wanting to make sure that I didn’t miss a thing!  It felt good to be able to do that, and now I am ready for the next phase in my life!


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