Being in the Present Moment

I tend to think in two different ways.  The first is the future, and how am I going to be able to do XYZ.  The second is the past, and I think about ABC.  What has happened or what is going to happen are my two major thought patters, however, there is a third that is lurking in the back ground, and that is the Present Moment.  It’s elusive, it doesn’t stick around for long, but it’s always there, it is always present.

I believe that with all the time saving gadgets we have, the access to the internet, the music that is available wireless, we have so many distractions around us that being present can be quite difficult.  Even as I write this, my mind is thinking of what I could do to solve a problem I have, I am thinking that some soft music in the background will be good, and then I am wondering if I need to plug in my iPhone to get the latest podcasts that are available… being present can be hard to do!

However, when I do step into the present moment, I find that things are so much easier.  I am able to listen to my soul, and I am able to write a lot more than what I thought I could!  I find myself immersed in the writing, and just the writing alone.  As time has progressed, I have found that being present has helped me in many ways.  I am often talking in front of anything from ten to ninety or one hundred people when I am working as a medium at a clairvoyant evening.  As I am standing there, waiting for the communication from Spirit to begin, I am aware of all the people that are looking at me, and waiting.  I have often stood there in a complete panic, worrying if Spirit are going to turn up, wondering what they are thinking, how the evening is going and then also what will be happening later on.  As I begin to speak, I look around the room and wonder if they have heard me or if they are just sitting there smiling and wishing me off the platform!  However, I have changed.  I have moved from wondering about the “what if’s” and moved into that moment in time.  It allows me to be present with Spirit, passing on the messages of love and inspiration to those in the audience, and I have a much easier time of it all!

I believe that it is in the present moment that we create our future.  The past has some say in it of course, because all of our actions and choices have led us to this moment in time, the present.  So the next time you find yourself drifting to either the past or the future, bring yourself back to this moment in time, and you will be able to create a future that you really want to!


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