This has to be one of my most favourite exercises in the whole of the Soul Coaching program!  Fun is so under used, and under rated, and it can be such a freeing experience.

Today, I had many tasks to complete, from accounts to website building to cleaning!  None of them really filled me with joy, but I always have a choice.  OK, if I don’t do them, my accounts will sit there until I HAVE to do them, if I don’t build the websites then the clients I have won’t be happy, and finally, if I didn’t clean… well I am a bit of a neat freak now and then – and that just doesn’t do me well!  However, the choice that I have is not just limited to if I do it or don’t do it.  It’s how I approach it.  Do I approach it as a serious mundane job, or do I do as Mary Poppins suggests, and make the job a game with a click of my fingers?

I’ve loved Mary Poppins since I was a child, and I am going to go with her advice, and make it all a game.  Rather than sit at my desk, getting stressed with making my accounts right, I found some music that made me smile and lift my spirits.  Having recently cleared out my CD collection, and moved it to my iTunes, I now have a whole playlist created that brings me memories of my favourite songs from the last 15 years, and more!  This worked for me, and the accounts were done in no time!  It also worked for the website building I needed to do as well!  Cleaning my room was another story though, and I had had my fill of favourite songs!  I changed the game to cleaning in small stages, against the clock with some new, more modern music, and started with just one area of the room, and then took a break to just sit and laugh!  Then I moved onto the next area, and so on.

What was the laughing for?  Well, when was the last time you have just sat and laughed at something or nothing.  We often have jokes told to us, or stories that make us laugh, but they can be just little laughs.  I am probably just talking from my own experience here, but I don’t laugh that much!  When I do, then it can seem a little false.  I have now got a couple of programs that I love to watch, that just make me cry with laughter!  Mrs Brown’s Boys and The Big Bang Theory are two programs that have me crying with laughter – and just the right thing needed to make me laugh.

Cleaning the room didn’t take as long as what it could have done if I hadn’t made it fun!  I have often spent all day cleaning and finding myself not getting anyway!  Have a break to have fun, and to actively make my day fun has been a great way to get me motivated to do all that I need to do!


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