Ask Yourself “Noble” Questions

I am always talking to myself, and whilst not out loud, I am still having some kind of conversation with myself.  Over the years, I have noticed the negative thoughts, and turned them around.  However, there are often questions that I ask myself, and the answers that come back are often very honest, but hurtful too.

If you think of the mind as a computer, and in some ways like a search engine such as Google.  When you type in a question, then something will always come back.  It’s always centred around the question that you ask, and reflects back in either a positive or negative answer based on how you have phrased the question.  The mind works in the same way, in that when you ask yourself a question, it will always answer you.  This is different to the messages and answers you receive from Spirit, but the reply from your own mind is usually quick and abrupt.  That’s my experience anyway!  So, here is a good example.  If I am sitting within my mind, thinking away, and I ask my self the question “Why am I so fat” then straight away the answers come back in waves, “because you eat the wrong foods”, “because you don’t exercise”, “because you’ve always been this way”, “because you can’t be bothered”.  There are probably more to that, and the other questions that I ask myself that are similar to that question often gives me a very similar series of answers!

I’ve learnt to be weary of my mind, and it’s honest approach, and worked with it to make changes to the questions that I ask so that I can then empower myself, with these being called “Noble Questions”.  In turning my fat question around, I ask myself instead “How can I loose weight” and the answers change instantly to ones that are empowering and helpful!  They become “Stop eating bread”, “Walk to the shops”, “Drink more water” and more.  In fact, I have learnt to write down all of my answers now when I ask myself the more noble questions, the more information and ideas I get.  Sometimes, they don’t always make sense, but then again I have learnt to trust that inner voice to give me clarity and information.  The Soul loves the truth, but the mind will act upon the instructions that are empowering and helpful, rather than those that would bring our energy down.

Each day, I am finding myself stepping into even more power as I connect with my soul, and through this process of really finding the answers to the questions of life, and in particular to my life.  Whatever happens, knowing that there is a part of me that has the answers, and that those answers are empowering me to step forward into a better way of living life.


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