Gratitude for Everything Today!

I like to think of myself as a grateful person, but I’m not always!  I have these little human flaws that sometimes get the better of me, but it also shows me when I am doing something wrong and what I am most annoyed about – I do myself!

I am driving to do an evening of clairvoyance, and I am patiently waiting to go around the roundabout.   Car after car is coming from the right of me, and I can’t move until they’ve passed.  However, whilst waiting, and all the cars were going past me, one car that I presumed was going to be across the roundabout, turned left without indicating that was where he was going!  This made me a little mad, probably because I was late, but also because I was still stuck waiting for the cars to pass me before I could move.  I just yelled “Thank You” without meaning it, and then finally got a space to move, and made my way around the roundabout.

I was mad that the driver didn’t do the courtesy of indicating to say where he was going, but left me to mind read him to find out!  OK, yes, I am psychic, but it really doesn’t work that way!  As I continued my journey, my mood getting worse by the lack of thought for other drivers, when I noticed that I was actually doing the same thing – without realising it!  There were a few roundabouts along my journey to the church, and I didn’t indicate properly where I was going.  I just continued to drive along, trying to convince myself that people knew were I was going!  In fairness, some of them did – but I don’t think everyone knew, or could read minds!

So I switched it around.  My initial, sarcastic, angry and annoyed “Thank You” to the driver that didn’t indicate in the first instance, turned into a genuine one because he highlighted to me that I was not doing something that I really should – or would annoy me if it wasn’t done properly.  It allowed me to be thankful for the little lessons that are shown to me on a daily basis, that helps me to be the type of person that I want to be.

Practising gratitude is not about doing it through gritted teeth, or doing it because it is what you have to do.  It is to do with being genuine within yourself, and following the life that you wish to lead.  I have learnt over the years that when I am genuinely grateful for what I have in my life, and the experiences that enrich me, then more good things come my way.  It is like a signal to the universe that says “Terry is being genuine about that, let’s give him some more of it”.  When I am grateful for the little things too, the big things are much easier to be grateful for.


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