Go Slow

We live in a fast world.  No sooner is one time saving device created, then we need another.  We find ourselves needing more time, and not getting the things that we to get done, completed.  We speed our way through life, and I have often watched on Facebook as friends declare “I can’t wait for the weekend” on a Monday morning!!

Being challenged to ‘Go Slow’ is hard.  Not that I was not going to stop using my time saving devices or anything like that, but I would pick one aspect of my life, and go slow.  I chose eating.  Food is one of the things that I love but I recognise that I often scoff my food down, not appreciating the flavours or the effort that had gone into preparing the meal that I was eating.  I hadn’t really noticed that I didn’t taste my food.  I would try the first bite, or the first couple of bites of the different items on my plate, and then go on with eating.  I remember as a child that when eating at the table, we were pretty much silent, unless we were being told off or getting asked about our homework.  So I would often eat food quickly, and then leave the table as soon as I could.

I didn’t realise how I had kept that practice up, and even now, I find myself silent at dinner, or not speaking much.  However, I love conversation – and I love food!  So when I went through the process of going slow, I noticed a real difference!  My partner made dinner in the evening, and rather than tasting it and then wolfing it down, I savoured each mouthful of the chilli con carne!  It was great, and whilst not as hot as he would normally make it, it had enough of a kick that I was able to enjoy it so much more!  I savoured the vegetables that were added to it, and then also the rice and all the other flavours!  Taking my time to focus on the food allowed me to really savour the flavours, the textures, and also notice the love, time and effort that was put into creating the meal.  It made a real difference to me.  I was able to enjoy the meal.

The next morning I was eating my breakfast, and completely forgot about going slow with food, until I realised that I was wolfing it all down again!  I don’t think it even touched the sides!  It wasn’t anything special, just some cereal, but I didn’t even taste it really… well OK it was Special K, so not a lot of flavour there – but even so, I didn’t really notice my food until it was all gone.

Taking time to go slow, I was able to see, feel and sense more – it enabled me to enjoy the experience of something simple such as food, and recognise that by taking things slow, I experience so much more!


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