How do you relate to the world?

Every time I look at that question, I want to run away!  How do I relate to the world?  The world is a big place, but I have heard that we are the centre of our own universe, and that the world relates around us based on what we think and do.  When I look at it that way, I have to change the question to how do I relate to myself?

Answering that question is still not easy, but it allows me to look at what I think of the world, and how it is working for me.  I was amazed to say that I have been in hiding!  I have never really been a confident child, and in some ways still not confident.  It wasn’t easy for me to go out and meet other children, I would stick to the ones that I knew or had met when I first walked into a classroom or been paired with.  As time progressed, I found that I repeated the same patterns in life, even in my working life.

In some ways, I have recognised that I have been hiding from the world.  I was hiding mostly from myself though, as I had no idea as to who I was or what I was doing.  I was hiding away, because I didn’t want to be seen.  Like the issues with my father, if I was seen, I had the chance to be hurt.  So how do I overcome this?  I get on a platform and talk, often not knowing what I was going to say until it was said!

I have found that through becoming a medium, I have been allowed to step into my own, and no longer hide away.  I literally had to stand in front of a congregation of people and talk!  When I say that I didn’t know what I was going to talk about, it was true because I never knew who from the Spirit World would be coming forward to speak, and when they did – I had no real idea of what was going to be saying!  I can’t sensor what I am saying, or make it more “fluffy” because I have to pass on the information, the words, the love that is coming from Spirit to the the person in the congregation.  In some ways, I guess I am hiding behind the messages that are being delivered, but at the same time, I have to stand there in order for that message to be given.

I no longer hide away, and I have slowly begun to step forward in my life, so that I am able to live a life that makes me more happier.  There is a quote that I have heard, and I forget who originated it, but it is “Your playing small in the world serves no-one” so I have learnt to no longer play small, and hide away.


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