Identify Your Energy Zappers

An energy zapper is defined as something that takes your energy away from you, and it’s something that you tend to do again and again, without really thinking about it!

My first experience of working through the energy zappers was with my PC at home.  I found that I would finish work, spending all day in front of the PC, and then come home and the first thing I would do is switch is on my PC and sit there for a few more hours.  I lost so much time, and really, felt drained by it.  I would burn my dinner often because I was stuck in front of the PC, I wouldn’t go out, and other things!  So identifying this as my main energy zapper, I decided to do something about it.  Just before bed, I turned off my PC at the wall.  This way when I got home, the next evening, I wouldn’t be able to switch it on.

The next evening, I came home, and straight away, I went to the PC and switched it on.  Nothing happened.  Pure panic enveloped me, and I wondered what had happened.  I check other plugged in items, and they were working fine, so I checked the plug for the PC, and it was off.  I suddenly remembered what I was doing, and didn’t switch on the PC.  I walked away, and prepared a meal for myself, one that for a change wasn’t burnt and tasted darn good!  I continued this for weeks, and continued to limit the amount of time I would spend on my PC.  Now, I have switched to a laptop, but I manage to keep it off for a bit longer when I get home, or don’t spend so much time on it!

This time around, I have identified some of my zappers, and they are as follows;

  • Bread / Cakes / Pastry – Carbs!
  • The Sims 3
  • Waking up late

The list that I have is just mine, and I have worked enough with my zappers to make sure that I don’t have too many!  I have identified these ones, as they are the things that I recognise in myself that I need to either release, or minimise so that I can enjoy each day!

The first one is more to do with my body, but I have noticed that all the carbs, or more importantly the processed carbs that I eat are not good for me, and so by cutting them down, I will have more energy for my day to day activities.  The Sims 3 is one of my favourite PC games and I can loose hours playing it – so I will limit myself to an hour a day, or an hour every other day!  I often hear the alarm and snooze, so I am going to try putting my alarm clock away from the bed, so that I have to get out of bed, and effictively get myself up and out on time!


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