Assessing Your Life

We often look to the future to where we want to be.  We often look to the past to find out where we have been, and what has happened to us in the past.  However, how often do we assess where we are right now in life, what is true in this moment of life?  I don’t think we do that enough!  Yet it is in the present moment that we have all the opportunities in the world to make changes.

As I began to assess my life, I have to make sure that I don’t judge myself.  It’s like meeting someone new, we make quick judgements about them, even if we don’t mean to!  Judging myself though is easy, as I can tell myself off, and I do it all in my head, so that I end up feeling even worse than I have done before.  However, I am not going to judge, just assess what is going on.  I am not going to make excuses on where I am, just assess what is going on.  Being honest about my journey in life is not always easy, as I like to look at things through rose tinted glasses, but as I mentioned before, when I am honest with where I am – I have all the opportunities to make the changes that I need to.

I have to say, that at the moment my life is pretty good!  I made some changes in the last few months, and one of them was to leave my old job that was no longer fulfilling for me.  So now, I am working for myself, doing the work that I love to do!  So right now, my career path is great!  I am enjoying being my own boss, but I do miss the social aspect of being in an office and working with people.  In respect to the career, my finances are OK.  I would love more in the bank, but then again – would I? 🙂  The answer is probably still yes, but I do know that money doesn’t buy happiness, and so I am happy with my finances as they are.

I guess that in my line of work, I am constantly connected to Spirit, and I am fulfilled spiritually.  I meditate daily, connecting with Spirit and helping people to connect with their own Spirit.  I have also started a new on-line radio show called ‘The Spirit Gathering‘ and really enjoying where that is going!  However, creatively, I do feel a little stumped, and do not do anything creative.  I would love to be recording my meditations and writing more – but at the moment, none of that is happening.

As I look at my relationships, I am happy.  I have been with my partner for over a year, and we now live together.  Whilst I would like us to be living together alone, things are good there.  I also recognise that I have great friends, and a wonderful connection to my family.  However, I am a bit lonely spending most of the time at home, so I would like a bit more of a social life in that respect.

My health is my biggest concern at the moment, as I am over weight, and would like to slim down considerably.

So what would I like to do in the next 28 days?  My intention is to take that time for myself, to just reconnect and be.  Connect with my body a little bit more, and then take some steps to record my meditations!