I have lived in the same house now for over ten years.  It’s actually the longest place that I’ve lived in throughout my life.  My parents love to move around, and as well as living in the UK and Spain, this house is currently my longest residence.  It’s a shared house, and so of course it has to be suitable for more than just me.  However, when one house mate decided that the walls needed a colour change, we weren’t all in agreement on what it should be!

The colour change was disastrous!  In the living room, which is also the dining room, we now have orange walls, with a grey feature wall!  If you can imagine it, then you will know how bad it is.  However, over time, I’ve got used to it – and even though I don’t go into the room that much, I’ve accepted the colour, until I can get the time I need to change it.  Or demand more of the land lady!

Nothing has really changed in the house since I’ve lived there, except for a new oven and washing machine, and despite promises from the land lady of a new dining table and chairs, nothing has happened.  The table we have isn’t bad, but at the same time, it’s uninspiring and frankly a little dull.  I also found that over time, there is a feeling that I should rush my dinner too, instead of taking the time to relax and enjoy the meal that had been prepared.

I must be inspired by The Mystic Cookbook because within this awesome book, Denise and Meadow Linn have spoken about how you can make a meal sacred.  I remember when I trained as a Soul Coach, the meals we had were always amazing, mostly the food, but also the way that the dinner table was set; the placemats, the napkins all added to a great meal.  When I go to a restaurant, I take into consideration the way that the table is laid out and how everything is presented.  I decided, that’s what I am going to do.  I can’t change the wall colour just yet, but I can change the table and the way it looks.

I went to a local store, and whilst there wasn’t much on offer, I spent around £20 on a new table cloth, place mats and coasters.  They weren’t spectacular, but they would do.  I went home, and whilst the Sunday Roast was Cooking, I set the table.  It made such a difference, but actually scared my partner.  He thought that with all the effort I was making with the table, I was going to propose or something… no – that wasn’t happening… but you can tell that by making a small change to your space, your environment, you can change the way that you feel.  The Sunday Roast was great, and not just because I am great at cooking them, but the whole environment of where we ate changed too.