Blissful Sprays

Blissful Sprays

I have been working and creating some amazing room energy enhancing sprays, that use a combination of essential oils and crystals to create a sacred space for you.

Using the wisdom of Interior Alignment®, I have created a variety of sprays to help you create and maintain a wonderful energy in your room or house.

Each spray that I have created, has a specific energy and feeling to it, with the energy of the oils and crystals providing you with the energy that you need!  I do not mass manufucture these, as each one is created individually and specifially for you.

The sprays that I have created so far are;

[service_block title=”Magical Dreams” image=”
“]This is one of the most popular sprays I have created!  It helps make your dreams more vivid, magical, and help you get some good sleep![/service_block]

[service_block_last title=”Happy Home” image=”
“]To enhance the energy within your home, and to bring an upliftment and happiness![/service_block_last]

[service_block title=”Love & Healing” image=”
“]This spray will bring healing energy into your space, and help with the healing process that is taking place.[/service_block]

[service_block_last title=”Space Clearing for Meditation” image=”
“]This can be used if you are looking to create a space of upliftment, meditation and connection.  It clears the energy that was previously there, and sets the intention to connect with the realms of Spirit in a safe and nuturing way.[/service_block_last]

[service_block title=”Open to Love” image=”
“]This spray is unique, and will bring a sense of love and compassion to your space.  If you are looking for love, or looking to enhance what you have – then this is a spray for you![/service_block]

[service_block_last title=”Time to Grow” image=”

“]This spray will help you still the mind, and bring in the energy of love, joy and happiness to help you make the changes you need to in your life, and your space.[/service_block_last]

[service_block title=”Christmas Joy” image=”
“]Bring the smells, love, joy and magic of Christmas into your home with this unique spray!  For more details, click here! [/service_block]

[service_block_last title=”Create Your Own!” image=”

“]If you would like to bring in a specific energy for your home, then we will work together to find the energy that you need, and I will create that for you![/service_block_last]



Each bottle is 100ml, and will last approximately 3-6 months.  You will only need a couple of sprays to enhance the space!

The bottles cost £7.95 each (+£3.00 Postage & Packaging for the UK / £5.00 for International) and are individually made for you!


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Select Your Spray: