One of the messages I received as a child was that I was not original. I have put it into one sentence, but I remember that whenever I did something new, I was asked who else had done it. I remember being told: “I know why you do that, it’s because your friend does.” This has been a theme in my life, and I’ve struggled every time I do something new because I wonder who will get the credit for my inspiration. This past weekend, my view has been changed. I am ready to create what I want, and shine my light anyway.

I spent New Years Eve in Reykjavik, Iceland. The temperature hit -5 degrees centigrade but sometimes felt like -10. There was only four or five hours of sunlight, which was a shock to my system, but it gave me time to relax and reflect. On my first night I had dinner with a family and was told how everyone comes to Iceland for the fireworks on New Years Eve. It was the first time I had heard of it, and thought they were exaggerating. I was wong! During the day, fireworks were being let off, and it didn’t stop until the early hours of New Years Day. It was an amazing sight, glorious to see and be a part of. Check out the video below for just how much there was!

Fireworks were being let off in the streets, in the backs of people’s gardens, and at the church. No-one seemed to care who had the better firework, whether the same one had been released before. They enjoyed the moment and looked to the skies for more. The light in the sky was of various colours was amazing. It made me realise that when you want to do something, you need to do it. Not to worry about what others think. Not to worry who else has done it before you, but to go out there and do it.

Over to you … Shine Your Light Anyway

Are you like me, in that you’ve held yourself back from doing something because someone else has done it before? Now is the time for you to put aside those thoughts which have stopped you from doing the things you’ve really wanted to. I believe that we are all here to live a life we love, and to shine our light. Even if it’s something that someone has already done, they haven’t done it your way – and only you can do that. If you want some help, then I’d be happy to offer personal coaching to help you achieve the things you really want to do.