Where has this year gone? It has felt like we’ve had a constant winter here in the UK, that even saw snow in April! There were massive fluffy pieces of snow flying around last week, and then at the weekend I found myself in my deck chair snoozing in the sun! What this week will bring, who knows!

I started this year with great intentions. I signed up to a blog every day challenge in January, and lasted 23 days. I thought about going to the gym I joined but only went once, to cancel my membership. There are many other things which I wanted to do, but just didn’t happen or materialise I knew some of the answers. With the blog, I became ill and rather than write, I stayed in bed. With the gym, I knew I wouldn’t get there so I decided to save money instead. With other things that were going on, I made a choice to look after myself instead.

I was reminded by my friend that the four seasons aren’t just a part of nature, they are a part of our life too. We are all living in a cycle. There are times that we need to rest and rejuvenate (winter). A time when we can start new ideas and projects (spring) and then let them flourish (summer) before we reap the benefits (autumn). When we look at our lives, and live in connection with the seasons, not only will we be more in tune with nature, but we will begin to live a more simpler life.

So that’s what I’ve done. January to March, I’ve treated it like winter and rested, rejuvenated and had time for myself. Now I am moving into April to June or Spring time, I am planning and dreaming up ideas on classes, workshops, books and articles. As the year progresses in Summer and then Autumn/Fall I will change my focus ad life accordingly.

What will happen next, I don’t know! However, I feel like a bear now that I’ve had my long winter sleep, and I am hungry! Hungry for the next adventure that comes my way 🙂 What do you plan to do?