Have you ever had an experience that has played over and over in your life, yet you can’t seem to change it? A couple of months ago, a relationship I was in seemed to end without reason. I spent days wondering what I was doing wrong and why it had happened again. There were words playing in my head, ones which gave me reasons as to why, but they didn’t seem right. Rather than continue with those words, I decided to scratch that old record and get a new tune.

At the beginning of July, I entered into a whirlwind romance. It was something I had wanted for a long time, but had let go as it didn’t seem to be happening. However, I was out in London one day, and as I walked past a guy, we both stopped and  started to chat. It felt magical, it felt right, and I thought to myself “finally, I catch a break.” We dated, yet something felt off, even if I thought that the whole thing was part of what I had manifested.

Something changed, and I couldn’t understand what or why. I looked within to find the answers and no matter what I came up with, it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t know exactly what was going on. After a couple of days of no contact, I did something I would never do; I confronted him. I asked what was going on, and I got an answer back which I thought was a lie, but it did what I needed. It gave me closure, and it let me move on. In that moment, the old record which played in my mind – blaming me for it all going wrong – stopped. I let go of what could have been and moved on.

We often have these records playing in our head which repeat over and over again. They say things which are no longer true, but keep us stuck from moving on. When we scratch that record, something new has to happen. This then allows us to move on and open up to new opportunities.

Over to you … Scratch that Record

Do you have an experience that is happening again and again in your life? Are you ready to shift it and move on? Think about that situation, and ask yourself ‘if it happened again, what could I do differently?’ Then try it out next time!

Alternatively, I have found going on a past life journey will help you clear the experience out so it doesn’t happen again!