I’d been on holiday and away for nearly two weeks. When I walked into my home, something didn’t feel right. My housemate had been there while I was away, so I knew the home was secure, but it was still off. My home didn’t feel as sacred as it once had. For over ten years, I’d learnt small ways of changing the way my home, my space felt so it fed my soul. Not an easy feat when living with other people who don’t share your ideals, but I’ve been able to create sanctuary.

Have you ever walked into a room or space and thought something was off? You may have found out that there was an argument there before or the room hadn’t been used in some time. When I walked into my room, it was as though there was a grey mist floating. It needed to change and shift, and I needed to do something straight away. There are some basic principles which I follow, and they are using the elements to change and shift the space I am in.

This invigorates the space and enables me to feel centred and grounded, and they are simple. I opened the windows to let the Air in. I used a pine essential oil spritzer I have created and sprayed it in my room. I lit a candle and then tidied up the physical things in the room which I hadn’t got to before I went away and rearranged small objects in the room. After I closed the window, the space was back to being my sanctuary.

Over to you … Sacred Space

Think about the rooms in your home, and ask yourself if they feel sacred to you. Maybe consider your bedroom and how it feels. To do this physically walk into the room and close your eyes and see how it feels. Then employ the some of the techniques I’ve shared above to bring the elements into your space and create a sacredness to it. To take this further, and as part of my members group, you may want to join me on my Sacred Space class starting on 7th November. Each week I will go deeper into the elements to help you create sacred space.