What does 2019 have in store for you?

I love using the Runes to help me understand what is happening in my life. Often used as a tool for reflection, they can often help us become prepared for what lies ahead. I’ve pulled a Rune for you, based on your star sign. If you would like a more personal reading, then please check out my Personal Runes Readings page

This year will signify a change, and one for the better. You will see things fall away that don’t need to be part of your life, and enjoy new things which come to you. Don’t worry about the things that don’t fit anymore, it’s okay to let them go to let new things in. This is going to be a year of fresh starts, so embrace it instead of challenging it. 

Changes happen. We can’t avoid them, but we can decide how we react to them. If you take the time to look at what is happening in the bigger picture, you will find yourself flying through life much easier. This will be year of things getting better, so let that be your guiding words. Change happens, and it happens for good reason. 

This is a year to watch what you say, what is said to you and to listen to the things which aren’t being said. When we take time to focus on what is being said instead of trying to respond before the other person has stopped talking, we gain much more information. This will be a year to listen to your intuition and what is happening around you – it will make your life easier. 

There may be more journeys than you thought happening, both physical and spiritual as you come to your own realisations about who you are and what you are doing. Take time to look at the bigger picture of what you want and where you want to go to rather than spending too much time focusing on the small things. Yes, there is greatness in the detail, but not when you focus on just that. 

A year to focus on you and your own self growth. We often spend so much time nurturing others where as really we should be taking time to make sure our own needs are met too. When you do so, you allow others around you to grow as well – which enables you to do so much more as well. This is a year where new ideas are to be explored, and not left on the shelf to gather dust. 

This is a year to really immerse yourself in life. When you do so, you will be able to have fun and bring even more joy into your life. Allow yourself to experience your emotions, if you are sad let it be, and if you are happy let it be. You don’t have to be held back because others don’t want you to be happy or sad, be free to be yourself and much more will open up for you. 

The same rune as last year means you are still with the divine and able to move beyond the old and outdated ways. This is a time for you to really enjoy the way life goes. Decide how you want to feel and with that you can make that manifest in your life. Remember that deep within you know the answers to the questions you are asking, it’s about listening to that inner voice so you make better decisions. 

New opportunities will open up to you as you step into this year, but that also bring challengers as well. That’s not meant to sound negative, because these will all allow you to grow and develop to be who you are meant to be. Take time to experience all life sends your way, and as you do so you will notice that there is nothing to be afraid of, and you can have much more fun that way. 

This is a year to allow your real self to break free and explore who you are, but most importantly, what you want. You don’t have to be held back by old patterns and habits or even the way people think you should do things. Be you, and have fun doing so. This may be a tough year, but know you have all the strength you need to step beyond it – and enjoy your life the way you want to. 

This is a year for patience. I’m sorry, I hate that word too, but it can have it’s benefits. When we take our time with things it enables us to look within to see if this is what really matters or not. However, this year will also see things come to an end, allowing you to resolve situations and help you to recognise the courage and strength that you have within you already. 

This is a year of give and take and bringing balance to what is happening in your life. It may or may not be about a romantic partnership, but that can happen as well. When you ensure that you take the time to give to yourself as much as you do to others, you will find there is a difference in the way others treat you too. 

This year will give you an opportunity to really shift and change and move on with life. Yes, there may be some upsets but what they will do is give you the opportunity to focus on what you really want and make decisions that suit you better. There will be slowness this year, as not everyone will work on your time frame, but you will get there in the end.