Going up Mount Snowdon was a big deal for me. I hadn’t expected to go up there, but the journey revealed so many things I’d ignored in my life. I’ve written about how I took one step at a time, and the missing element in my life, but I haven’t written about the fear which filled me. I didn’t know how much my fear of heights affected me, until I got back down to the bottom of the mountain. My fear wasn’t from this life though, it came from one of my past lives.

Have you ever had a fear which has stopped you from doing things. Or it’s made it difficult to keep on moving, to keep going. Mine has been heights. I can manage it, I can deal with it, and I get through it. Yet I realised how I tolerated this fear instead of getting rid of it. When I was climbing the mountain, there were portions where I had to climb steep areas to follow the path, or walk along the edge of the mountain until there was an open space.

My mantra was “you can do this, Terry” and it kept me going. However, there were moments when I didn’t think I would, and my friends were too far ahead to call out. I had to keep going. Throughout the whole experience, I kept thinking back to when this fear had originated. Except, I couldn’t find it in this life. I thought about stopping and doing a past life journey on the mountain, but I didn’t think my friends would appreciate me sat there doing it! When I got back I knew I needed to look into where this fear had come from, and change it.

In my meditation, I found myself in what felt like Italy or somewhere Mediterranean. I lived with my family and we had farm land where we had to sell and trade our produce. My fear originated when I travelled to sell our produce with my daughter. We had to climb over a mountain, and something happened. It was sunny, the weather was good, but some how a wind built up and knocked her down. She fell and when I got to her, she had already died. I had to return to my family cradling her body.

Now I knew what happened, I went back before we set out for the journey and shifted things around. I gave her a heavier pack, even though she complained, so that she had more weight to keep her stable. As we continued the journey, I got to the place where the wind picked up, and stopped. I told her it was time for a break and we waited for a while until the wind passed. We continued our journey and made the trades and sold what we needed. The rest of my life there was good.

I haven’t gone up a mountain yet to find out whether this past life journey has helped me or not. However, I have checked what it feels like to look over the edge of tall buildings and other areas. I don’t feel as anxious or as worried as I have done in the past.

Over to you … Rocks, Heights and Past Lives

Do you have a fear or something which is holding you back from living the life you want? It may be heights, swimming, spiders or something else. When we let our fears hold us back, we stop living a life where we are truly free; a life where we can experience all that life has to offer and more. I have some workshops coming up for Past Lives, and also offer private one to ones so that you can clear out your fears and move forward in your life.