As a Medium, I give regular public demonstrations of my ability to connect with those in the spirit realms in the UK and abroad. As a medium, it is my job to prove that there is life after death, and that our loved ones in Spirit are aware of what is happening in our daily lives, and often give us messages to help us along in our day to day lives.

I believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. As spiritual beings, we incarnate into the physical world, and begin to go through experiences in life whilst we are here. When our physical body dies, our spirit goes back to the spirit world. Our spirit lives on in the spirit world, and is able to connect with us here on Earth no matter where we are.

As a medium, I communicate with the spirit of a passed loved one, such as family and friends and give evidence that proves that the spirit lives on. There is a variety of information that can be passed over from your loved one, such as their character, how they passed to spirit, what their physical features were like, and other pieces of information that helps you know who is communicating with you. When in communication with your loved ones in spirit, I ask that you do not give me any information! This is so that you are receiving proof that your loved ones are communicating, and that I am not giving you back information that you have given me!

I provide private sittings either over the telephone or in person within the Harrow area. If you are interested in a private sitting, there are some guidelines that we request you consider;

  • Whilst I do communicate with your loved ones, I am not able to ‘call up’ any particular family member that you wish to speak to. My job as a medium is to give proof of survival, and therefore it is my job to tell you who is around you. If you are looking to hear from a family member, then ask them in your mind to make themselves known to you through the sitting – it does help! However, please do not tell me who you are looking to contact or seek information from.
  • I do not predict the future or go into the future unless prompted to by spirit during the session. The session will focus on what you are able to do now within this moment in time – rather than the future. One thing to remember is that any action that you make in the present ultimately creates your own future.  If you are interested in a reading to help you design your future, then I suggest an Oracle Card Reading instead.
  • Lastly, I am unable to read for those under 18, and ask that you respect this.


A telephone reading is £35 for half an hour.  Please contact me to arrange an appointment using the form on the left before making payment.