Four Directions Oracle Card Reading

The Four Directions Layout

I love using different Oracle Card spreads to help myself, and my clients to understand what is happening in life, and how to use that knowledge to make life even better.

Recently, I’ve been using the Four Directions layout, as a way to help focus my life, using four cards, for four specific questions or areas of life.  This has worked well for me, and also the clients that I’ve used it for.


Four Directions

In this reading you will get to find out what else is happening in your situation. Using the cards and my intuition, we will be able to discover; what you are learning, what is expanding in your life and what you need to release, and what is being incubated at this moment in time to help you discover how you can live your life your way.


Each card will give you insight into what is happening in your life, and how you can make changes to make life even better.  The good thing with this reading, it can be general or specific to relationships, career, or any other area of life you are looking to change.




This reading is only £20, but for a limited time only!