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Gain insight into your life and where it is heading with an Oracle Card Reading

If there is an area of your life that you would like to unravel, gain insight on or you are looking for a different perspective, then an Oracle Card Reading may be what you are looking for!

Terry has used Oracle Cards for a number of years, and with the cards, he can look at what has happened in your life, where you are right now, and what actions you can take now to make your life the best it can be.

“So much has changed in life as your reading said it would as I’ve learned to be calm and relax more and slowly my life is unfolding in the way I want it to. Which is truly amazing.” Blanche from London

Each card reading is unique and personal to you. Terry will begin each reading with intuitive advise about where you are in your life, and what he feels is happening around you. Calling on Spirit, his Guides and Helpers, he will give you information that will act as a confirmation of what is happening to you, but also what you can do to make the situation even better. Terry will then use the cards to bring even more insight and clarity into your situation or life.

Your reading can either be a general reading on what is happening now in your life, or it can focus on a specific area of your life. The readings are not going to tell you the future though. Believing that the actions that you take now will create the future you wish to live, Terry will give you guidance and steps that you can take now to help you create the future you want.

Once you have signed up for you reading and set your intention, Terry will email your reading back to you within 72 hours.



If you have any questions before your reading, then please use the contact form on the right to connect with Terry.