I hope that you’ve had some fun learning about the ways you can remember your dreams, but also the way that you can understand what they mean to you.  I know that there are many dream dictionaries out there, and you can look at all the possible meanings on the internet, but I’ve known and worked with people that have found that they know the meaning themselves, all they’ve had to do is to take time to work out what is being dreamt.  Today though, I am going to help you go one step further, and learn how to program your dreams to get answers to questions, meet loved ones who have passed on and more.

Programming your dreams sounds rather technical, so I am going to break it down into an easy way to look at it.  You are setting an intention for your dreams.  My favourite teacher, Denise Linn, says “Where intention goes, energy flows” and it’s true.  When you set an intention to do something, the universe, spirit or whatever name you have for that great divine, begins to work in your favour.  So how do you set the intentions for your dreams?

I mentioned in my blog a couple of days ago ways that you can begin to remember your dreams.  The process is pretty much the same; you are going to spend the moments before you go to sleep affirming what you would like to do in your dream.  For example, one of the things I love to do is to connect with my loved ones who have passed over.  Now, even as a medium and have the ability to connect with them whilst I am awake, I still enjoy night time connections with them.  So what I do is to think of who I want to connect with, I send a thought to them to ask them to join me in dream time, and I affirm as I go to sleep, “tonight I meet with my loved ones”.  It works, but I will admit that for me it didn’t work straight away, but it does work.

If you have a problem or a situation that would like to resolve, and not sure how, then as you are going to sleep, affirm to yourself “tonight, I gain wisdom into this issue”.  This type of dream though can always leave you with more questions than answers!  So refer back to my blog yesterday on how to understand the messages from your dreams, and as you do, at the end you can ask yourself, “how does this dream relate to my issue”.

The answers are always within; sometimes we just need a little help to uncover those answers ourselves!