I’ve always seen runes as a gateway into helping me understand what is happening in my life, and what insight I gain which I am not seeing. Sometimes, life can be like not seeing the woods for trees. It means we can be caught up in the details, we’re not able to see what is going on in the bigger picture.

When I do a rune reading for clients, I am able to help them see the greater picture, or help them take next steps based on what runes are cast. Offering an email reading allows me to write to you whilst I am using my intuition based on the runes which show up and what I feel about them.

If you want a general overview, then I will tune into you and use the runes to help guide me through what is happening in your life. If you have a specific question or are of life you would like me to focus on, please let me know when you pay for the email reading.

I aim to get it back to you within 72 hours at the latest.

Rune Readings

Each Email Reading is £20 (approx $27 USD).

If you have a specific question, please let me know when you book or you will receive a general assessment reading.

I have limited phone reading times available, please contact me to book a phone session.

In accordance with the law in several countries I must point out that all rune readings given here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice, and I do not give advice. If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

This service is for over 18s only.

By using this service you confirm that you are over 18 and that you understand and agree with these terms.