How can an event that leaves you shattered help you grow?

Since I started my Spiritual path, I knew that I wanted to help people rediscover who they were, and clear away old baggage that stops them from living the life that they desire to!

Until I can do this full time, I am working as a Project Manager for an online company.  Whilst here, I am giving 100% to make sure that I am doing all that I need to – and have been working towards a more ‘Senior’ position.  I applied for the role, and for two months I waited to hear back – and nothing.  Then I was told that the department had decided on a different direction, and I did not get the position.  I sulked and became miserable for such a long time – that I forgot what my real mission in life was!

I connected with Spirit, and asked what had happened, and the response came that the new position didn’t  matter – as it was not what I was here for!  I could have kicked myself for feeling so low – but it reminded me that whilst we may not always know what the next step to take is – Spirit have a better plan for us in the long run, and that out the of the ashes, new growth does come.