My very first oracle card deck was ‘Healing with the Angels’ by Doreen Virtue. My friend and I had recently discovered oracle cards, and we both brought each other a pack. As we sat night after night, shuffling and pulling cards for each other, we got to the point where we knew the cards enough and that the readings that we were giving to each other and others were accurate.

One day, I was looking for some guidance and decided to pull a card for myself. I shuffled, and shuffled and continued to shuffle as my mind wondered around on many different things and situations, nothing to do with what I was meant to be doing. All of a sudden, the cards started moving around and one single card flew out of the pack. As I picked it up, it had one word on it ‘Focus’! I felt as though I was being told off by the cards, the Angels and Spirit for not really paying attention to what I was doing! As soon as I brought myself back into focus, I got back to pulling the card for myself, feeling quite sheepish as I did so, and received the card and message that I needed.

Our cards are an extension of ourselves, and yet they also have a consciousness of their own. They are there to help you to tune into who you are to help. And not only you, but also those who come to you for readings – just don’t ignore them!

Everyday on my Facebook page I pull an Oracle Card for everyone (usually I am the one that needs that particular message), and give a small insight into what the card means, or what my intuitive feel is for the day.  It would be a joy for you to join me there, as the card is often pertinent for what is happening in your life.