Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card ReadingsOracle Cards can act as a confirmation of what you know, but also help you to plan your future and where you want to go. They can give insights into the things you can’t see as well as help you to make decisions that are right for you.

For over fifteen years, I’ve used Oracle Cards to help me understand what is happening in my life. They give me a point of view I haven’t thought of, and assist me in making decisions best suited for me.

I have studied with great teachers to learn how to use the oracle cards. It has also been a combination of self taught reading, spiritually guided and trusting of my own intuition. I use the cards to help me tell a story of where my clients have been, what is happening and what the possibilities are.

I offer two types of personal Oracle Card Sessions.

Email Reading

Send me your question or area of life you would like some answers on, and I will pull oracle cards for you. Your reading will be my intuitive interpretation of what is happening in your life and ways you could move forward. This reading is great for a general reading, and apart from my grammar/spelling can give you good insight from another view.

£25 per reading. This does not require booking a time slot but please allow 48 hours to receive your reading. Send your question when making payment.

Personal Interactive Session

When you book your session, we will set-up a time and date to chat. In this interactive session you can tell me what you are looking for insight on. I will pull oracle cards for you and give you my intuitive interpretation of the cards. This session can help you make decisions for you to take in your life.

£45 per reading. please email before you book your session so we can find a suitable time and way to chat. To pay for your booked session, please use this link.

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