I have a problem. I have constantly brought empty journals and notebooks, ready to write great words in them. As someone who has a magnitude of ideas and not enough time to do anything about them, I often buy notebooks to record thoughts in. They can vary, from the expensive journals with patterns and pictures over them, to the plain ‘reporter pads’ you can pick up in the pound shop.

The problem is, I tend to write a few lines in them and then they sit around gathering dust. The next time I get a new idea, I end up buying a new journal or notebook and start again. It’s only when I start to clutter clear that I realise how much money I have spent on journals that don’t get used.

I looked within to find out what was happening, why I was buying the journals and not using them. It hit me, and it hit hard. I was scared that what I wrote down was going to be rubbish, and in fact I was destroying the journal by even writing in it. This horrified me, but changed what I did with journals. I brought them and didn’t write in them, which was even worse!

Something had to change, and it was a discussion with a friend that helped me. He said, write for destruction. It took me a while to understand, but instead of trying to protect the beauty of these journals with my words, I knew whatever I wrote whatever came out. I then had a choice of leaving it there or turning over a new page and starting again. Instead of buying a new journal, I kept one on me at all times and would only get a new one once I’d finished with that one. It has worked so far, and I’ve not brought a new journal or notebook in a year.

Over to you … One Day I’ll Write Great Words

Is there something you buy to use, but are afraid to use it because you don’t want to ruin it? What is the reason for doing this, and what could you do instead?

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