This year, I brought myself a Sacred Journal. This was something that I had seen advertised in many of the calendar shops that pop up around the UK just before Christmas, but I had never brought one for me. I waited until after Christmas when it was discounted, and brought a copy. I have enjoyed getting into the process of daily writing again, but I was struck by the phrase in the journal, “Nature follows its own rhythm”.

I pondered the worlds, and thought Nature really does, and it has much better results than we do! I remember last year, when the UK was covered in snow, and it caused all kinds of problems with the closure of airports and other types of public transport, but this year it was a mild winter. In fact the last couple of months have been quite mild, and a friend who is a gardener commented on the fact that flowers were coming up when they shouldn’t be. It made me think and say “well who are we to tell them what to do!” Nature is more connected to the way of life than what we can sometimes ever be. Nature is very aware of the rhythm of Mother Earth, and what she has to say. I remember when I was tasked to connect with a tree and ask it about the seasons. When I was told that nature is aware of the changes that are coming, and that it makes adjustments accordingly, no matter what is happening as it is connected and aware of the rhythm of nature.

We live in a world of time tables, calendars and routine. We know we have to be in a certain place at a certain time, and when we get out of that routine, we can find ourselves disorientated and sometimes at a lost. Our lives can often be going at a fast pace, and doing everything so quickly, that we might not even have time to recognise what we’ve done, or how it has affected others, including ourselves in both positive and negative ways. We can get so caught up in getting things done, that we miss the subtle messages from Spirit, and our own Spirit which communicates through our body and senses.

However, all we need to do is to get into our own rhythm and connect with the force of nature that resides within us. It is very easy to do. All you need is to stop, focus on your breath, and listen to your own heart beat. As you do this, you are able to listen to your own spirit, your body, and you are able to listen to the subtle changes that are happening around you. This will allow you to make a transition in life, from one of routine, to one that is free flowing, and more in line with your Spirit, and your own nature. We are human beings, and not human doers! So take that breath and listen to your own natural rhythm.