Have you ever had a little voice within that says “you can’t do that” or “why are you even bothering?” Yep, me too! It happens more often than not, and I can usually quieten it down and ignore it but sometimes it gets a bit too loud. However, one of the ways I’ve been able to quieten it, is to give it a form. When we give form to the formless, we are able to control it. In her book, Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body, Denise Linn calls this her gnome, and when you name your gnome you are able to quieten it.

Take a moment now, and think of what your gnome would look like. I googled gnomes until I found one that was right. To be honest, he looked quite cute – but also pathetic. I loved him. I thought about a name for him, and the only which came to me was Tel, and then Tel the Terrible. Yes, Tel is a shortening of my name, but it’s not one I like. There are only a couple of people who call me Tel, and one who calls me Tel-Boy, which I like, but otherwise it’s not a name I connect with in a positive way. So my gnome became Tel the Terrible.

Now he had a name, it was time to think of his qualities. Tel the Terrible always tells me not to bother. When I knew I shouldn’t be doing something – like going to buy pizza for lunch – he whispers in my ear “you’re going to do it anyway.” Tel is also a bit gluttonous, he won’t eat one of the chocolate eclairs in a box, he eats them all! He also needs pampering. Whenever I go out, he’s wanting to be treated to a coffee or cake or something else. He really does need a lot of pampering!

Of course, these are all aspects of me that I don’t like, or even want to admit to, but they are part of me. However, the things I’ve noticed since I started to work with Tel the Terrible, is that when I think of getting a coffee when I am out, I tell him to quieten down and I make a choice on what I really want.

Over to you … Name your gnome!

Take time to find an image of a gnome, and then come up with a name for it. Now write down three or four things that you don’t like or want to change for yourself. It may help to print the picture out, name it and write down these attributes. Then, when you catch yourself having one of those moments, tell your gnome to quieten down and make a better choice for you. If you want to take this further, I offer personal coaching sessions where you can explore your gnome and make changes in your life for what you really want.

I’d love to hear what you’ve named your gnome too!