I always think that I am good at clutter clearing and that I have only the things that I need, with nothing more to get rid of. Yet, whenever I start to clear out a little bit of clutter that I may have accumulated, I always find something more! I am still getting rid of books, cds and DVDs that I will either not read, listen to or watch again!

I had been going through a couple of box files that I had gathered over the years, and I thought it would be done in an hour, but it’s taken me all weekend! I have gone through course notes that I have taken, and kept “just in case”, I’ve gone through programs that I printed off and vowed to do… one day, I’ve even picked up the life coaching course that I started nearly five years ago, and done nothing with since. As I looked at what I had accumulated, I realised that I was holding myself back because I always had to do these courses, “some day.” The life coaching course was one that I knew that I shouldn’t have signed up to, but I did. I got caught up in the sales pitch, and the things that I was going to do with it, but never did. I looked at the notes that I had in my hand, and I knew within that moment that they had to go. I had to throw them away.

What came to me as I threw away this course was that I was throwing away the shame and regret I had been holding onto for so long, and not completing the course. In my heart, I knew it wasn’t for me, yet I wanted to prove that I could do it, but for what? There was no sound logic for me to keep holding onto something that wasn’t going to happen. So when I threw it all away, I honoured the part of me that knew I was getting a little piece of me back, and I had a much clearer mind to do what I really wanted to do!

There are some golden rules that I follow when it comes to clutter clearing;

  1. Set an amount of time where you can really devote to your clutter clearing.
  2. Set a space or an area that you are going to do, and then complete it – don’t do a whole room if you’ve only got 10 minutes!
  3. Find some funky music to help you along…. but don’t spend all your time finding the right CD!
  4. As you go through the items, ask yourself: Do I love it? No, then it’s clutter!
  5. Ask yourself: Have I used it in the last 6 months? No, then it’s clutter!
  6. If you love it and use it, then it’s probably not clutter! However, if it’s something you are not so sure about, put it in a box and mark that box with date on it for 6 months time, if you haven’t used it by then … then it’s clutter and you have a box full of stuff to take to the charity shop!
  7. Have three boxes when you are going through your stuff, a keep box to put the stuff you are keeping, a rubbish box to throw straight away and a charity box – one persons clutter is another person’s treasure!