I have loved magic for so long, the ability to do something that is not normally possible is just amazing to me.  I often pretended I had magical abilities that enabled me to do anything, and yep, I will admit that I wanted to be a Witch just like Sabrina!  However, I have found that the magic I have expected, the kind with instant results, doesn’t really exist.  Something better does though; it just takes a little time to come into being.

Imagine for one moment, you had the magical ability to manifest anything you wanted the second that you said it, or thought it or visualised it.  It would be terrible!  I am sure you don’t agree with me first of all, but we don’t always have good kind thoughts.  Well I know that I don’t!  I have stood at the bus stop waiting in the rain, when a car has driven so close that a puddle drenched me.  I will admit, my thoughts about the driver weren’t that nice.  How glad am I that I can’t make things happen just like that!  The magic that I am talking about does take time to work.  The good news though is that when it does, anything can happen!

Today I am going to talk about a form of magic, and you’re going to think I have gone crazy, but I promise you I haven’t!  Clutter clearing is really modern day magic.  I don’t believe that in the olden days, they really had clutter.  They only kept what they needed and either exchanged or got rid of what they didn’t   There probably wasn’t an excess like we have now.  I am by no way a great clutter clearer, but when I do it, I do it and I watch as magic fills my life.

So what is clutter?  Clutter is anything that you don’t or haven’t used in a while, things that you no longer love or things that give you an ‘urgh’ feeling when you look at them.  If you go out of a room in your home, and then walk back in and look with a new focus, you may see things that you don’t love but continue to polish and clean or you may go to a draw that has been heaving with stuff that you’ve promised to clear away but never get to it.  Whilst it may not seem that bad to begin with, this clutter can stop the things that you want to manifest in your life.  However, when you clear out the clutter, two things happen.  The first is that you begin to have a clearer mind.  As there is not as much stuff any more, you can breathe easier and you have more room to move, both physically and mentally.  The second is that you have created space.  As you create space, you give room for new things to come into your life.  So clutter clearing is the magic key you need to enable the new things to happen in your life.

Some basic rules for clutter clearing;


  • Set a time limit and stick to it.  So if you only want to do an hour, keep to that hour!
  • Start small.  Don’t plan to do a whole room in one go, but do a draw or the things you notice bring your energy down.
  • Find some funky music! Don’t make this a chore, but something to have fun doing!
  • When sorting through your clutter, if you don’t love it or haven’t used it in the last six months, then you won’t be using it again – so it’s clutter!
  • Sort everything into four piles / boxes / bags.
  • 1. Rubbish – things to throw away / recycle straight away
  • 2. Give Away – things that you can take to a charity shop or give to friends.
  • 3. Not sure, maybe one day!  These items are things that you are not sure if you want to keep or not, and I will discuss them again in more detail below.
  • 4. Keep – these things as they really aren’t clutter, but make sure you are honest about keeping them!
  • In your ‘Not sure, maybe one day!’ box, you want to write down the date in six months time. So if you are doing this on the 4th January 2013, then the date to write on the box is 4th June 2013.  Seal up the box, and put it in your loft or away somewhere!  If you have not gone into the box at all when it comes to the date on the box, then you don’t need anything inside, and you are ready to take to the charity shop.
  • Celebrate!  It’s important to celebrate what you do achieve in clutter clearing and recognise what you have done!

Tomorrow we will build our Dream Boards!  You will need a poster board or card, you can decide on the size!  You will also need to gather some magazines, scissors and glue!