When I was climbing Mount Snowdon a few weeks ago, a lot of things came up for me. Not only did I gain clarity in my ability to just do things, but I also learnt about some deep-seated fears, as well as what was missing from my life. Since I have gone through, and led Soul Coaching® programs, I have looked at the connection to the elements. Soon, it became apparent what my missing element was.

Air was prominent when I was climbing and walking. It danced around me, pushed me forward and formed a resistance to me stepping forward. Water trickled down the rocks around me, with some beautiful mini waterfalls surrounding me. Much later the rain came and I got soaked, but that’s a different story. Of course, Earth was there, I was climbing the mountain. It got me up the mountain, and helped me down. It let me know that it was there, and I would climb up and continue on. What I found was missing, was the element of Fire.

I was climbing and walking during the day, but the sun seemed to evade us. Every time I thought I saw a bright spot, it was gone. The clouds hid it away, and when we reached the summit it wasn’t there. Of course, I knew it was there, it just wasn’t out at the time. I thought about how that connected to my life. Air was my thoughts, Water my emotions, Earth my physical, but Fire, my spiritual self wasn’t there.

As I took my steps up the mountain, and I reflected on how I wasn’t as Spiritual as I had once been. I still had my connection to Spirit, I still went to church, but I didn’t have the strong connection I once had. What I knew was that my spiritual side isn’t just a connection to God or the Creator or whatever word you use, but it’s who I am. I wondered what I could do to enhance my spiritual side, and what my definition of that was. My spiritual side isn’t just going to church, it is also being creative, living life and doing the things that bring me joy. I knew now what was missing, and I felt like I had a plan to get that missing element back.

Over to you … Missing Element

Is there something missing in your life? Let yourself ponder this question and then take a walk and see what you notice. What element seems more prominent? What is hidden from you? When you know, ask yourself, what can I do to enhance this.

On 18th July, I will be running a Soul Coaching® Group Program. This will help you clear away what no longer works in your life, and help you to reconnect to those elements which may be missing. It would be a joy to have you with me.