I think that in many ways, I lived a blessed life.  One of my favourite things to do is to mediumship.  A medium is someone that is able to communicate with the so called dead.  I have the ability to connect with Spirit and pass on their messages of love, inspiration and upliftment.  I have given messages to those that are in need, as well as those that are looking for answers.  I’ve been able to give messages that have brought closure to people, and others that have made them cry with laughter.  It has been a real joy for me.  Of course, it’s not always easy!  Can you imagine standing in front of a crowd of people, who are waiting for you to speak, but you have no clue what you are going to say?  I never thought I would do that… but I do!  Every time I am getting ready, I hate it.  It’s the worst thing possible!  When I’ve finished I really don’t want to stop!  However, I’m not the only one who receives messages and connects with the loved ones who’ve passed over.  You do too.

If you can imagine in the olden days, when in order to call someone on the telephone, you had to call the operator and they connected you to that person.  The same goes for a medium.  Someone from Spirit calls you, and the medium connects you up, except the medium does all the talking.  The medium will describe the person that is communicating, tell you about their character and then pass on any messages that the spirit person wants.  The wonderful thing about this conversation is that even though the medium will speak on behalf of the spirit person, the spirit person can hear everything you say.  They can even communicate back to you, but that will sometimes require a little concentration!

You can make a conscious connection with your loved ones, and ask them to firstly let you know that they are there.  I don’t recommend that you get them to knock or make bangs though.  For me, if I heard that, it would make me need to change my underwear!  It really would!  When my loved ones are around, I will have a memory of them.  So when my nan is around, her face or smile pops into my mind.  Another way is that my hearing suddenly goes funny, and I have a high pitched ring in my ear.  For everyone it’s different, but all you need to do is ask, and your loved ones will let you know.

If you want to know what message they have for you, then that can take time… but it can also be quite easy.  As you become aware that your loved ones are with you, ask them!  If nothing comes to you or your mind, then ask yourself the question… “If I knew what would my loved ones wanted to say, what would it be?”  The answer will usually come to you then!  Let me know how you get on in the comments below!