I recognised that something wasn’t right with me.  I was tired but alert, and it was a really odd feeling.  I always managed to get through my day, but I also felt quite sluggish.  I couldn’t pin point what was going on, so I mostly ignored it, I just got on with my day.  It wasn’t until I woke up from a dream that I realised what was going on!

I have always had great dreams.  Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I know what they mean, most of the time – I don’t!  However, I have always paid attention when something specific has happened and it’s been very clear.  Sometimes they come true.  Like the time when a friend appeared to me in a dream to tell me she had written to me, and when I went downstairs that morning, a letter from her was sitting on the door mat!  Other dreams don’t come true, like the dream that Ricky Martin said that he wanted me as his boyfriend because I could speak Spanish… yeah, I’m still waiting on that one!

However, I remember waking up from one dream so easily and it was so vivid.  I was watching a washing machine going around.  It wasn’t very fast, just a slow wash I suppose.  Except, there was this brown thick goo or liquid rolling around.  It didn’t look that nice, and yet I knew when I woke up that it was coffee.  I had been drinking a lot of coffee at work, and my body was telling me that it had enough.  I listened to the message, and within a couple of days, the sluggish feeling left and I was starting to feel normal again.

We spend 1/3 of our lives asleep, and we have about four to five dreams a night.  There are many aspects to our dreams, and so much that we can do with them, as well as the information that comes to us through our dreams.  I studied to become a Gateway Dreaming Coach, and during that time I was able to remember my dreams, learn to understand them and also program my dreams to help me with the answers that I am looking for.  When I started working with others and their dreams, the first thing that they told me was that they didn’t remember their dreams, and so I gave them my top tips for remembering  dreams, which I am going to share with you now;

As you begin to drift off to sleep, affirm to yourself, “Tonight I remember my dreams”.  Chant it softly if you wish, so that when you wake up – you do!

Have a glass of water, and drink half of it, as you do affirm to yourself, “I remember my dreams”.  When you wake in the morning, drink the other half and affirm again, “I remember my dreams”.

Ready for when you wake in the morning, have a pen and paper close by.  Jot down the one or two things that you do remember, and as you do, more will come to you.  If you don’t remember anything, then ask yourself “If I knew what I dreamt about, what would it be?”.  You may be surprised by the results!

Tomorrow I am going to talk about how you can understand the messages from your dreams!  Sweet dreams until then!