Sometimes, the word miracle can be associated which such large and grand things. We forget that small miracles happen within us all the time. One of the many definitions of miracles is “A remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences.” For those of you who know me, you will know I love the Soul Coaching® program since I first discovered it in 2007. Since then, my life has changed dramatically. I am not who I was back then, and I couldn’t be happier.

As I reflect back on what I have achieved and the miracles that have happened, I have nothing but gratitude. I came out of the closet, even though it took me fifteen years (or more!) to do so. I published my own fiction stories. Got married to a wonderful man and many, many more things happened.

However, one of the things I’ve always wanted to be, since I can remember, was a teacher. This past year, I taught my first certification coaching class, holding space for three wonderful ladies to step into their own power as Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

One of the exercises from the Soul Coaching program is to create a Miracle Box. This is a small box you decorate and make shine, before you write on pieces of paper the things you want in your life. You write in present tense, so instead of I want you say I am. I did this in a few areas of my life which I struggled with, including my body and love life. You then put the box somewhere sacred and leave it alone. Last month, as I was have a clear out, the box needed to be moved and instead of just moving it, I opened it up. I wanted to know what was inside, as I’d forgotten what I’d written. A smile erupted from me as I read, and acknowledged everything had happened in one way or another. Miracles had abounded in my life.

Over to you … May Miracles Abound in Your Life

Have a think about creating your own miracle box, then spend time in thinking about what you really want. Write out the statements as though you have it in your life already. You can be specific or you can be vague. However, it works best when you ask for things from your heart. No asking for the lottery numbers here, but more that you have abundance in your life. I’d love to hear what you create!