I have approached 2014 slightly differently than I would normally do. I had read that someone didn’t do all the goal setting and new things in January, but left January to be a transition month, a way to clear out the past year, and start afresh in February. I really liked this idea, mainly because one of my goals is my weight, and as my family didn’t eat all the mince pies I bought at Christmas… I still have some to get through!

This month, I have mainly been laying low, and not doing a lot. I’ve started to clear out some of the old energy that was sticking around and then beginning to make space for what comes next. I have not set any plans in place yet, although I have things that I would like to do. I want to write more, I want to teach more workshops, and I want to travel as well, and have more fun in my life.

As I look at what I want, I look at what I currently do, and found that just by observing my daily ritual, I didn’t have space to do anything new. I checked my emails, to find hundreds in there, which were either junk, unreplied mails or things that I would save for some other day. So I took a drastic measure, and at the end of the year I created a new folder in my email called 2013. I put all the emails from the inbox into that folder. Straight away I felt relief and this invisible pressure alleviate from me.

Since then, I’ve made commitment to myself to keep my inbox empty. To deal with the mails that come in, or at least within the next day. This has helped me a great deal keep calm, clear out junk mail that I no longer read, and really free myself up. I noticed that I’ve not been into my 2013 box for at least a week, and so I know that if there is nothing in there that I need anymore, then I will just delete that box in June and continue on as normal.

If you have something that you want to change and create in your life, then make sure that you have the space to do so, that way you will be able to do it so much more successfully.