From one plane to another….

Today my cat, Tabs went home to Spirit.  Tabs had developed tumours and was starting to suffer with them.  She was no longer eating properly and therefore the decision was made for her to go home to Spirit.

It is amazing how many emotions we can feel in just one moment of time when an event like this happens.  Tabs was my one true companion when we lived in Spain, and I remember the sadness of leaving her there whilst she was in quarantine – and the big ‘meow’ she gave me when I picked her up from the airport.  I remember that it was a combination of a telling off and a hello at the same time!

Tabs was very much an independant soul, and when she wanted a cuddle – she did, and if she didn’t they she let you know.  If she was hungry and I was asleep – I would get a few whacks on the nost until I did wake up!  Whenever she slept with me, she would take as much of the bed as she could – but would also snuggle in with me at the same time.

I know that she is no longer in pain, and I know that she will be back to visit me soon, so whilst I am loosing her from the physical  side of life – I know that spiritually she is with me.