I was chatting with a good friend of mine yesterday, and we were talking about the need to release it all in order for one to be spiritually enlightened.  She had been on a workshop – and was told that in order to have spiritual enlightenment, she had to release all connections, to those that she loved, her material possessions and basically everything she has – in order to be more spiritually connected.  This didn’t sit well with my friend, and for good reason – she is a loving daughter, wife, mother and friend – and to loose those connections would be like a hole in the heart!  It made me think too that if I had to cut out my family members, my nieces and nephews I would be devastated!  I can remember that as my little sister found out she was having a baby, I moved countries because I wanted to be nearer her and my family!

Sometimes, what we need to let go of are the tangled, unhealthy relationships that we hold onto.  I met someone recently, and had a blast, and have continued to hold this person in my thoughts – but the feeling has not returned in the same way, so I know that this is something that I need to let go of.  However, letting go of a loved one for no other reason than to become spiritually aware is not something I would agree with.  What I would agree with is that you can let someone go so that they follow their own path, they do their own thing.  I am being faced with ‘expectations’ at this time in my life, as my family in one way or another expect me to be settled down and have some kids – yet that is their expectation in life, and not mine right now.  Sure in the future I would love to have all of that, but right now it wouldn’t be good for me.  I am finally learning how to live life and have fun after being a hermit and hiding for so many years – that now is the time for me to live life the way that I want to.

Letting go or releasing those around us, does allow us to allow them to live the life that they would like, and we hope in return that we are allowed to do the same.  However, it does not mean that we have to give them up completely just to be enlightened.  I believe that we are already enlightened, and that our light shines brightest when we share our love with our friends and family.  They may not be around to receive it – but they will feel it one way or another.