Join me for a 28 Day Program to help you let go of weight you’ve been holding on to.

During this program you will

– connect to your body by answering questions through reflective journaling
– understand hidden beliefs you have unconsciously held onto

By the end of this program you will

– have a greater appreciation for your body
– recognise the messages it holds for you

Letting Go - Step into the Flow

Group Coaching Program - Dates to be confirmed

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What is Letting it Go: Step into the Flow?

The Letting it Go: Step into the Flow program was originally created by Denise Linn as a way for her to lose weight. She invited her online community to join her, with the hopes that they would experience changes within their bodies.

Many lost weight, but many also gained powerful insights into their bodies and made changes which helped them make changes in their lives. It’s my joy and pleasure to be able to offer this program as a way to help you connect with your body and more.

It is my hope and intention that you gain the results that you are looking for.

As your online coach, I will be there with you every day, to help you as you go through the program but also to keep you going and motivated.

What Happens?

  • Everyday you will connect to a different part of your body.
  • Through questions, you will reflect on these different parts to gain wisdom and insight
  • You will have time to reflect in your journal in your personal time, and share what insights you want in our group
  • As your coach, I will be there, with you, every single day
Letting it Go: Journalling
Letting it Go: Meditation

What’s Included?

  • You’ll receive a workbook to guide you through the 28 day program
  • Group coaching via a Secret Facebook group. If you are interested in personal coaching, this is done through email.
  • Special meditations that you can use through this program, and beyond
  • I will be hosting ‘live’ sessions throughout the program too, with live meditations and coaching

Got a Question about the program?

Send me an email and I will get back to you.
If you are interested in private coaching for the program, let me know and we can begin.

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