Who would have thought that my Sat Nav would be more than a directional guide!

My Sat Nav and I have a different kind of relationship. When she works, she works – and is treated like a queen, given much praise and appreciation. When she doesn’t, she is begged and stroked to work!

When I am going to a place I have been to before, I tend to take my Sat Nav along with me to remind me of where we are going – but when we are going somewhere new – it frustrates me no end in that it will not connect and I often have several pieces of paper with me to get me where I need to go!

Yesterday, I was going to one of those new places – and spent some time just sitting quietly asking Spirit and the Creator to help my Sat Nav. When I then got into my car, rather than rushing off to my destination straight away, I slowed down and allowed the Sat Nav to connect first.

This may sound like a technical ‘How To’ instead of a Spiritual Blog – but how many times in our life do we rush off instead of taking the time that we need to ensure we have everything? Life is very fast paced at this moment in time – and we are often not taking a breath before we start something new.

So before you start something new, even if it is something that you have done before – then take a breath and wait – it will then be a lot easier for you 🙂