I’ve always struggled with my body image. I remember as a child I complained to my mum that my shoulders were too skinny, even though I didn’t know what I was really saying. As time went on, my hair, the growing of facial hair and then my weight all contributed to it. I’ve undertaken diets of different kinds to lose the weight, and have succeeded, only to put it back on again. What I’ve discovered though, is that knowing and appreciating my body for how it is, is the key.

I’m still not at the ideal weight, and if anything I am over weright according to the national statistics. However, I am happy. I am happy with my weight, shape and all even though I really would love more hair on top of my head, I am happy with how it is. I’ve taken time to connect to the parts of my body which make up the whole of me. As I’ve done so, I’ve let go of the need to have the perfect body and to love and appreciate what I have.

This has had a knock on affect. One of the things I now do is to consider the food I am eating, how much time I have to recharge my body and how much I move my body. I’m not perfect, and I have a sweet tooth, but I take time to be aware of what I am doing and make sure I do something else to compliment my body in someway or another.

Over to you … Knowing Your Body

What do you know about your body? Often we judge it, but when we let that go and focus on what is so or what is good about our body, we can gain so much more. You may want to join me for the Knowing Your Body program I am running in my members group. I will be sharing the Letting Go: Step into the Flow program, which takes 28 days to help you to connect to your body in a deeper way. I hope that you join me for this journey.