From personal experience, I have learned not to judge.  Well – I have certainly tried to not judge.  If I find myself doing it, I change it as quickly as possible.  A wonderful teacher taught me that when you judge someone, you loose the ability to influence them.  Whilst I don’t always try to influence people – I am also aware that what I judge in others – is often a part of me that I am not happy about, but I do not recognise it in the same way.

I watched recently as someone discussed somebody else and their life situation – and then judged, became the jury and then passed sentence on someone elses life, without them even being there.  I listened, and whilst I could feel myself getting angry at what was being said, I said nothing.  I have also learnt that when people are in this mode of judgement, they are looking to be validated.  I decided to say nothing, my choice in the moment, and instead  I sent some healing thoughts out to the person who was being judged.  I watched how the Judge in this case, turned into Jury as they confirmed to themselves what they had said was right, and then Executioner – handing out a sentence on what would happen to this person if they didn’t change their ways.

What I realised is that it can be easier for us to judge what someone else is doing when we don’t want to focus on what is happening to us in our lives at that moment in time.  By taking the focus away from ourselves, we are then able to forget about what we can be focusing on – which is ourselves.  I also believe that thoughts are an energy form, and that the thoughts that are generated when judging, not only take something away from ourselves – but also can affect the person that we are speaking about.

So the next time you find yourself judging someone, take a moment to find out what you can do to change that thought – send a thought of love to the person you are judging, and also take that moment to send a thought of love to yourself – and leave your judgement behind.